Applying for a grant

Applying for a grant


Bill Woodrow
'Hoover Breakdown'
Upright vacuum cleaner, wooden replica vacuum cleaner

Collection the artist

The Henry Moore Foundation supports a wide variety of projects through its grants programme.

Please read the following before completing the application form.

Applications are considered at quarterly meetings of the Foundation’s Grants Committee, which makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

2014 - Deadline dates for receipt of applications:

21 March
6 June
19 September
1 December

If an application is received after the deadline date it will not be considered until the next meeting. Please bear this in mind as applications will not be considered retrospectively. PLEASE ALLOW SIX MONTHS BETWEEN THE DEADLINE DATE AND THE PROJECT'S START DATE.

Before proceeding with an application for a grant please ensure your project fits the Foundation’s criteria for funding:

The Foundation’s grants programme is focussed on specific objectives. It is 
the Trustees’ policy to support sculpture, including projects and exhibitions which expand the definition of sculpture, such as film, photography and performance.  We do not support projects dedicated to painting.

The key criterion is artistic quality; practical viability is also important.

Projects in the UK may include the work of artists from any country.

Overseas projects must contain a British component, e.g. a British artist.

Applications from individuals will only be accepted for the Fellowships
category of grant, in conjunction with appropriate institutions.

The Foundation does not normally provide revenue expenditure.

No grant (or part of any grant) may be used to pay any fee or to provide any other benefit to any individual who is a Trustee of The Henry Moore Foundation. Please advise whether it is envisaged that any Trustee will have an interest in the project in respect of which a grant is sought.

How to apply:

Please complete the application form which can be downloaded from this website by following the link to the right.

Applications and all enquiries relating to grants should be sent to:

The Grants Administrator
The Henry Moore Foundation
Perry Green
Much Hadham
Hertfordshire SG10 6EE    Email:

The application and any supplementary material should be posted.  A copy of the application form can also be sent by email.

Your application will be acknowledged by letter post.


After the meeting:

The results of the meeting will be conveyed to the applicant (by letter post only), within ten working days of the meeting date.

If your application is unsuccessful: the decision of the Grants Committee is final. It is the Trustees’ policy not to give any feedback as to why your application has failed.

If your application is successful: The Terms and Conditions of the Grant will be sent to you with your award letter. (A copy can also be found on this website - please follow the link on the left of this page.)

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